With any major purchase for your home, you'd expect a warranty to cover you against unforeseen problems.

Now with FMB MasterBond, you can be assured of peace of mind, and that your builder is a reputable, skilled contractor with a proven track record of success.

On a job costing £5,000 (including VAT), MasterBond cover comes to £75 plus IPT* - a small price to pay for peace of mind. You're protected once we accept the premium and the protection covers your building work for a period of up to 10 years.

*IPT will be charged at the current rate in force. IPT is an insurance premium tax applicable to all insurance premiums.

The MasterBond warranty meets the needs of someone who is having building work carried out on an existing building and wants insurance protection against loss of deposit, failure of their builder to complete the work, or against specific defects in the completed work.

  • Only experienced builders who work to the highest professional standards can achieve MasterBond status.

  • MasterBond warranty protects against loss of deposit, defects due to faulty workmanship or materials for the first two years, and against structural defects for a further eight years - that's a total of ten years peace of mind.

  • Cover also extends to work carried out by sub-contractors appointed by your MasterBond builder, such as plumbing or electrical work.

  • Your MasterBond builder will agree a contract with you for the work that is covered by the warranty, so you know what work will be carried out, by when, and at what cost.

  • If problems do arise, the cover protects you even if your MasterBond builder has gone out of business, been declared bankrupt, or died since work was completed.

  • If you change address and sell your home before the term is up, the protection can be passed to your purchasers - giving you the edge in a competitive housing market.

  • In the event of a dispute arising between you and your MasterBond builder, your cover offers a free resolution service. Should this fail, arbitration can be arranged (subject to the contract entered into for the works. Costs may be incurred). If the original MasterBond builder refuses to carry out agreed additional work, another MasterBond builder will complete the contract.

Importantly, all our FMB MasterBond builders are registered under TrustMark.

The FMB MasterBond scheme is the largest membership organisation to have been approved by TrustMark. This is further evidence that when you deal with an FMB MasterBond builder you are dealing with the best in the business.


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