What You Really Gain from Having an Extension

Having an extension built on your house is quite a big move, and it’s something people tend to do if they need some extra space, or want to make their home bigger and better. It can be quite big decision to make, but once you weigh up all the benefits you will gain from having one, as well as how it is a better alternative to moving house, it becomes clear that it is a great move to make.

Not everybody is fully aware of what having an extension entails, which is why we wanted to talk about some of the benefits you could gain from extending your home.


It’s an investment

There’s no hiding from the fact that it can be quite expensive to have an extension built onto your home, but it’s an investment. Houses that have extensions are worth a considerable amount more than those that don’t. It makes the property more modern, and more valuable, as it has more space and potentially a whole extra room. As a result, this means that when you want to sell it in the future, the value will increase and you will be able to put it on the market at a higher price than before.


Your home will feel brand new

It gives your home a complete new lease of life. With an extension, your house will look and feel like an entirely new place. If you are getting a bit bored of the design in your home and want to do something big and drastic to change things up, this is the perfect way to do so, providing you have enough space and the right facilities.


What you say, goes!

To an extent, you have control over exactly how your extension is built. This includes exactly which part of your house you want the extension to be built onto, how big you want it to be, what shape, and how you want the interior to be designed. This gives you quite a lot of freedom and allows you to make it exactly what you want it to be.


It can provide a whole new room

When getting an extension, you can do it one or two ways. You could either have a particular room in your house extended so that it is bigger and has more room in it, or you could have the extension built as a whole different and entirely new room. This could be anything you want; an extra bedroom, an activity room for children, a gym, or just another social area for your friends, family and guests. The opportunities are endless, and it means that if you feel that your home is missing something, you can make it complete.


It’s often a better alternative to moving house

When people are running short of space, the first thing they turn to is moving house. However, that isn’t the only solution, and not necessarily the best one, either. Having an extension basically solves the same problem as moving house, but without all the extra hassle that comes with that, such as having to get a new mortgage, finding the right place, keeping in the local area, and costs of redecorating. As we mentioned earlier, an extension on your home can be anything you want it to be. Perhaps your family is growing and you would benefit from an extra bedroom. This can be solved through having an extension, as it means you can upgrade your own home from maybe a three bedroom house to a four bedroom house, instead of relocating and buying a new one.


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