How a Loft Conversion Can Add Value to Your Property

Sometimes, lofts can be misused, and essentially just an area to hoard a load of items that aren’t really needed, often making them a bit of a waste of space. However, you could turn this misused space into something far better that will provide all sorts of benefits for you and your family, including increased property value. To do this, you need to have a loft conversion. This means turning the space in your loft into something brand new, personalised and exciting, like a bedroom, which is the most common kind of loft conversion. As a result, you will be left with a whole new room in your house that’s going to be far more appealing to you and future property buyers.

Here are a few ways that a loft conversion can add value to your property!


An extra bedroom instantly adds value

Generally, the more bedrooms a house has, the more money it is worth. Perhaps your current home is a three bedroom property, and if you went on to sell it in the future, it probably wouldn’t be worth any more than you bought it for (depending on other factors, of course), however if you were to convert your loft into a brand new bedroom, this would instantly increase the value of the property, as it would now be a four bedroom house.


It’s more modern

Modernised homes are very popular and worth a high sum of money. Unless your home is new-built, your loft is probably quite old fashioned and looking a bit worse for wear. Other than being a storage facility, it has no other real value, however you can change this by modernising it and converting into a brand new and useful room, like a bedroom, office, or maybe even a creative studio!



The great thing about loft conversions, is that they allow you so much freedom to turn your vision into a reality. Whatever it is you have in mind, you can get creative and have your house looking brand new. Modern conversions are generally of exceptional quality, with a very modernised finish and extremely impressive interior decor. With a loft conversion, you are basically having a brand new room designed from scratch, so you can have all the modern and high quality touches and designs that you like. Due to the fantastic design and spectacular investment, you will find that this will add quite significant value to your house and become a lot more appealing to buyers if you sell it in the future.


It’s the perfect investment

Whatever the reason is for your investment, whether it’s to make use of the space, create an extra bedroom for your children, or to modernise the property itself, you can be sure that it’s a great investment. On average, a conversion of any sort will increase the value of your house by around 10% – 20%, which is pretty impressive. Of course, this all depends on the extent of the conversion and the way it is built, but no matter what you do it will certainly be valuable to you and your property. If you specifically need the extra space for something, like an extra bedroom for the family, converting part of the home you live in will be much more cost effective than moving house into somewhere completely new.

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