5 Ways to Make Your Home More Sustainable

In recent years, we have started to care for our environment a lot more and gotten into the habit of making small changes in our everyday lives to become more sustainable and eco-friendly. This applies to all different aspects of our lives, but as a construction company, we are noticing an increase in demand for creating more sustainable homes. This means switching out old features and pieces of furniture for more sustainable alternatives, which is far better for the environment and allows you to do your bit to help and lower your carbon footprint.

There are all sorts of different ways you can make your home more sustainable, and so we thought we would share a few tips and ideas with you in this blog…


  1. Using recycled materials

Products made from renewable and recycled materials are a much more eco friendly alternative to consider, and this applies to both inside and outside of your home. As time goes on and we are learning more and making more efforts to lower our emissions, we are finding ways to incorporate recycled products and use these to replace certain materials in order to make buildings more sustainable. 

For example, a lot of newer houses may be built with sustainable products and materials throughout the framework. This means having parts built from the use of recycled materials. Furthermore, you can also bring this inside your home. When making your own purchases, you can look for things like furniture and features that are made with renewable or recycled materials. Not only is this better for our environment, but it can also look interesting and create a bit of a statement within your home. 


  1. Environmentally friendly cleaning products

Although not everyone is aware of what cleaning products contain, a lot of them are in fact quite harmful to the environment. They pose potential threat and so you should be mindful of what cleaning products you are buying, and instead try and find more economical alternatives that will be kinder to our environment. 


  1. Good insulation

One of the biggest things that causes harm to our environment as well as an increase in global warming, is the amount of energy used and wasted in millions of households. To try and do your bit and lower your own carbon footprint, we would recommend trying to keep your home well insulated. This could be through having insulated walls, double glazed windows, better quality flooring and blinds or curtains etc. Investing in ways to keep your house warmer for longer will as a result reduce the amount of heating and energy that you use.


  1. Get solar panels

Solar panels perhaps seem like one of the most environmentally friendly changes to make in order for your home to become more sustainable. With solar panels, your energy and electricity generates from the sunlight. As your solar panels are fitted on the roof, they will absorb this and provide more efficient power and energy, which will massively reduce your carbon footprint.


  1. Reduce your waste

Reducing the amount of waste from your home is another way to make your home become a little more eco-friendly. Even though we recycle, the amount of waste we produce is still massively harmful to our environment. You can make small changes, such as minimising materials like single use plastic so that you are not producing as much waste.

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