4 Ways to Make Your Kitchen Look Bigger

As humans, we naturally crave more space in our homes all the time. We are always looking for ways to improve different parts of our home, as well as make room for things, whether this is by incorporating new storage facilities, or clearing out unnecessary items. One room in the house that you can experiment with quite a lot, and make some interesting new changes to, is the kitchen. There are all kinds of ways you can improve and transform your kitchen and create the illusion of it being bigger than it actually is. 

We thought we would suggest a few ideas of different ways you can make your kitchen look bigger…


Have a built in kitchen island

Although you may not think it, having a kitchen island built in actually creates the illusion of a bigger room. It makes it appear like there is more space around and that your kitchen is very open. Furthermore, islands often serve the purpose of providing a whole new storage facility, therefore this may enable you to get rid of other storage units around the kitchen which will also help to make the room seem bigger.


Change the lighting

Lighting can change a lot of things and make a huge difference to the look and feel of a room. Ultimately, the more well-lit a room is, the bigger it looks and feels. Therefore, the more lighting you have in your kitchen, the bigger it will look. Some people just simply have one light in the centre of the room, which sometimes leaves corners looking a little dark and neglected, whereas other people might opt for things like spotlights, where it covers the whole room and ensures that every part is lit up. Furthermore, under cabinet lighting is another good idea, as these are areas that tend to be left looking quite dull and dark. With cabinet lighting, it brings more of a focus to every inch of the room and opens it up a lot more. 


Redecorate with lighter colours

This is a very low cost way to make your kitchen look bigger and change the overall feel of the room. Light colours always make a room feel more open and spacious. Colours that are really popular at the minute, are white and pale grey, and pastel colours such as blue, pink and yellow. Redecorating the room with lighter colours such as these can make all the difference and is a fun and interesting way to experiment with different themes and ideas. Perhaps you want to paint the walls a different colour, or get some new tiles, or maybe you like the idea of theming all of your accessories with a particular colour. Whichever way you decide to alter your colour scheme, it can really open up the kitchen and make it seem bigger than it really is. 


Be smarter with your storage

One form of storage that really helps create the illusion of a bigger kitchen, is open shelving. Whilst everything is on show, it makes the room feel more open and airy, and takes up much less space on the walls. For example, if you use cupboards to store things like your plates and glasses, these tend to be quite big and bulky on the walls, and make the room feel a bit more cramped and smaller. However, with open shelves, you don’t have this problem, as long as you don’t overload the shelves with too much stuff!

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